The four essential pieces of your 'Purpose Puzzle' that lead you to your inspired professional path and purpose.

How to find the vocation that allows you to unleash your unique gifts and to make great money, doing what you love.

How to live and work in your unique 'Zone of Genius' where your work feels meaningful, fulfilling, and enjoyable!


Here's what others are saying about PATHFINDING!

Ivy Landsman-slevin, Long Beach, New York  

"For those of you who yearn to live your real passion... if you read nothing else I recommend, this is it. Written with love and possibility, but with two feet on the ground. Katie asks simple but thought provoking questions to identify what it is that will make you want to jump out of bed in the morning. She then offers tangible steps and information to map out a realistic strategy to actually start out on the path, and create momentum, using PRACTICAL MAGIC, not just wishing and hoping and being "positive". There is so much more, and my words can't do this piece justice. Absolutely awesome. Thank you Katie, wow! I hope you feel my awe all the way down under. Thank you for this unbelievably inspiring work."